Staffing Service

Staffing is primary of our three Contingent Workforce Service offerings. WINTEC provides staff augmentation services in over 15 states from California to Boston, and also has an international presence with its Chennai, India subsidiary. We are dedicated to helping your organization meet its strategic financial goals.

The main features of this service
* Consulting – WINTEC provides staff or consulting contractors on a time and material basis.
* Temporary to Permanent Placement – WINTSCO provides staff or consulting contractors with the understanding that after an agreed-upon period of time, the contractor can be hired.
* Fixed Price Staffing – WINTEC provides clients with fixed price rates for long term staff augmentation. Fixed price rates by skill categories and experience level for long term engagements so clients can forecast and manage IT budgets

Why Use WINTEC for Staffing?
By working with WINTEC for your staffing needs you are able to:
* Minimize administrative and labor costs
* Secure skilled, quality resources that best meet your business and technical needs
* Minimize lead time for securing skilled resources

WINTEC’s staffing services often include the following positions: * Creative Analysts
* Data Warehousing/Mart Experts
* Database Administrators
* e-Business Analysts
* e-Business Application Developers
* e-Commerce Consultants
* e-Commerce Strategists
* Help Desk Specialists
* Internet Consultants
* Internet Security Analysts
* Knowledge Architects
* Network Architects
* Network Security Experts
* Project Managers (PMI Certified)
* Systems Engineers
* Technical Writers and Trainers
* Usability Specialists
* Web Designers
* Programmers


Key Benefits
* A competitive rate based only on what you need.
* Effective candidate screening.
* A global recruiting team with access to an international resource pool.
* Electronic timekeeping.
* Internal IT Managers are free to run projects.
* The right candidate at the right time.


WINTEC has developed the first version of skills evaluation portal called W-Metrics. This portal is designed to provide a vehicle for prospective employers and recruiting individuals to test candidates in variety of technical and non-technical skills. The portal helps customize online tests for specific skills based on job requirements and various skills. Check out

Our Philosophy

100% commitment to achieve client success by providing the flexible business solutions! We are dedicated in providing a talented and skilled information technology work force to serve all contingent IT work force services - staffing, time and material, and outsource recruiting.

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