Customer Comments

“All four consultants from your company have displayed technical competence and professionalism. The team lead you provided has been instrumental in the success of our implementation and we really appreciate all your help. We look forward for continued long term relationship with WINTEC and WINTSCO”

Alex Goff, IT Program Manager, Sun Microsystem, Inc., Union City, CA

“We are very pleased to state that the Complete Server Infrastructure Study and Implementation project management provide by your project manager (Warren) was extremely complete, and was of very high quality and standard. AC Transit is very pleased with the complete design, approval and implementation of all technical and quality control procedures related to this work”

Joe Kinchen, CIO, AC-Transit, Oakland, CA

“Our office is very happy with the design, development and implementation of our pension applications and the work performed by your team”

Rich Sinidad, President, Moran and Associates.


WINTEC has developed the first version of skills evaluation portal called W-Metrics. This portal is designed to provide a vehicle for prospective employers and recruiting individuals to test candidates in variety of technical and non-technical skills. The portal helps customize online tests for specific skills based on job requirements and various skills. Check out

Our Philosophy

100% commitment to achieve client success by providing the flexible business solutions! We are dedicated in providing a talented and skilled information technology work force to serve all contingent IT work force services - staffing, time and material, and outsource recruiting.

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