BPO – Outsource Recruiting

WINTEC’s “Outsource Recruiting Model” provides a unique, efficient and high quality recruiting process to increase profit margins for our client by eliminating the cost of having in-house recruiting functional unit. This will help our clients to focus on their business and lower the cost of recruiting and save time.

Outsourced Recruiting Model

We meticulously monitor and provide suggestions for a smooth transition from an in-house to our Outsource Recruitment Model. Our suggested Outsource Recruiting solution is ascertained after thorough understanding of the Client's business and is analyzed on the following lines:

* Technology environment, including all hardware, software and network resources
* All stakeholders
* Lines of responsibilities between the IT and line-of-business organizations
* Business context, including:
* Competitive factors and external compliance requirements
* Establishment of SLA's to guarantee program success
* Volume of new hires

WHY WINTEC’S Outsourced Model, customers are able to:
* Capitalize on WINTEC's global recruiting team and get the advantage for a quick FLEXIBLE implementation of a recruitment solution that fits the unique needs and processes
* Obtain skilled, quality resources that best meet your business and technical needs
* Reduce lead time for securing these resources

Our recruiting model consists of:
* Global recruiting that can locate the best and brightest candidates from anywhere in the world
* A large pool of qualified candidates looking for employment
* Efficient processes
* A mature recruiting tool that lets you quickly post openings and track progress
* Customizable candidate certification process


WINTEC has developed the first version of skills evaluation portal called W-Metrics. This portal is designed to provide a vehicle for prospective employers and recruiting individuals to test candidates in variety of technical and non-technical skills. The portal helps customize online tests for specific skills based on job requirements and various skills. Check out www.wmetrics.com

Our Philosophy

100% commitment to achieve client success by providing the flexible business solutions! We are dedicated in providing a talented and skilled information technology work force to serve all contingent IT work force services - staffing, time and material, and outsource recruiting.

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